Why the Kuffar Want Muslims To Vote

Islam is an ideological system of life that is in contradiction to every man-made system on earth.  Islam is from the Creator while man-made beliefs and systems are not.  Islam has a system of life solely based on the Islamic `Aqeedah while the man-made beliefs and system are not.  Islam does not believe in being dominated but in being implemented as the only legitimate ideology the Creator allowed for mankind.  Islam does not believe that man has the right to be legislator for other men, because Islam believes that only Allah has the right to legislate laws for His Creation including mankind:

"The 'Hukm' (rule, decision) belongs only to Allaah." (al-qur'aan, 12:67)

Islam believes that true justice can only be achieved when enjoining "ma`ruf" (all that is good allowed in Islam) and forbidding "munkar" (all that is evil).  The only way to achieve this (enjoining the ma`ruf and forbidding the munkar) is when Islam is completely implemented and enforced.  Islam forbids ruling by other than what Allah has revealed:

"And rule between them by that which Allaah has revealed and follow not vain desires, diverging away from the truth that has come to you." (al-qur'aan, 5:48)

"And rule between them by that which Allaah has revealed and follow not their vain desires, but beware that they may turn you away from some of what Allaah has revealed." (al-qur'aan, 5:49)

Allah describes those who do not rule by what He has revealed:

"And whosoever does not rule by what Allaah has revealed they are kaafiruun."  (al-qur'aan, 5:44)

"And whosoever does not rule by what Allaah has revealed they are DHaalimuun." (al-qur'aan, 5:45)

"And whosoever does not rule by what Allaah has revealed they are faasiquun." (al-qur'aan, 5:47)

Remember that when Allah said in the ayah that who does not rule by what Allah has revealed are Kuffar (Quran, 5:44), Allah is talking about those who do not believe in Islam.  When Allah mentions the word "DHaalimun" in 5:45 it refers to both the Muslim and non-Muslim who do not rule by what Allah has revealed.  Finally, when Allah says the word "Faasiqun," it refers to the sinful, rebellious person (specifically a Muslim) who does not rule by what Allah has revealed.

Allah described the Muslims as being the best community that ever came out of mankind WHEN they enjoin the ma`ruf and forbid the munkar:

"You (Muslims) are the best nation ever raised up for mankind; you enjoin the ma`ruuf and forbid the munkar and you believe in Allaah." (al-qur'aan, 3:110)

The Ummah cannot be divided into many nations and countries all with different rulers, especially when all of them at the present moment do not rule by all of what Allah has revealed:

"Hold fast to the Rope of Allaah and do not divide among yourselves."  (al-qur'aan, 3:103)

"When the oath of allegiance (bai`ah) has been taken for two Caliphs, kill that latter of them." (Sahih Muslim)

"Whosoever pledged allegiance (bai`ah) to an Imaam giving him the clasp of his hand and the fruit of of his heart shall obey him as long as he can.  If another comes to dispute with that man, you must strike the neck of that man." (Sahih Muslim)

"Whosoever comes to you while your affair has been united under one man intending to divide your staff or dissolve your unity, kill him." (Sahih Muslim)

Despite the numerous evidences from the Quran and Sunnah, many Muslims today unfortunately are spearheading efforts for the participation of Muslims in the kufr political system.  Many Muslims have called upon other Muslims to vote and be active in the kufr political system, even to the point of trying to run for a political office.

What has happened to the mentality of these Muslims that made them hold such unIslamic views and practice in Haraam activities such as voting for a person that will not rule by what Allah has revealed?

Muslims had sunk to the lowest depths of decline since the destruction of the Caliphate.  Muslims are divided into over 50 countries, they are waging wars against each other, placing and observing embargoes on fellow Muslims despite Muhammad (saaw) saying that it is not allowed to abandon a fellow Muslim for more than three days.  Moreover, the Kuffar poisoned our minds with the ideology and belief system they imposed on us, giving us agents and other puppet rulers who are one of the most oppressors rulers the Ummah has ever seen, and making us the most backward and pitiful nation on the face of the earth.  We are no longer the leading, best nation on earth.  We are no longer the feared "superpower."  We are begging the Kuffar for assistance and "protection" when the Kuffar on many occasions asked us for assistance and protection when we had the system of Islam ruling the earth.  We depend on the West not vice versa.  All of these results are due to a lack of the implementation of Islam and the Ummah insistence to disobey Allah by embracing kufr.  We deserve this humiliation when we disobey Allah.

Despite the disastrous effects of accepting kufr over Islam, many, many Muslims insist on promoting such evil that did nothing but betray the Ummah and put us through unbelievable suffering and grief.

One must be aware that the Kuffar realize Islam to a point that they do not treat it as just "another religion."  It is sad to see the Kuffar seem to know more about the nature of Islam than many Muslims.  Islam is an ideology and it seen as a  potential ideological threat by the Kuffar.  Islam is not capitalistic nor socialistic.  Islam is not a democracy or a theocracy.  Islam is not a republic or a despotic regime.  Islam is its unique own ideology that does not resemble other ideologies such as Capitalism or Communism.  As in other ideologies, Islam does not accept being dominated over but being dominant.

The nature of Islam should make the Kuffar politicians and leaders worried because no longer can they oppress the people with corrupt, man-made laws that contradict human nature and do not properly organize the affairs and needs of mankind.  No longer will things like "interest" be allowed.  The exploitation of our lands and the stealing of its resource by the Kaafir West will not be tolerated.  The oppression of the Muslims by the hands of the Kuffar will dealt with in such a decisive way that the Kuffar will think twice before trying to attack us.  The sexual exploitation of women will be a thing of the past.  And most important, no man-made system or ideology will be allowed rule the earth except the Divine ideology of Islam.

This is what the Kuffar fears the most; Muslims who are calling for such a system and who might be successful in establishing the Caliphate that will implement such a system.

Now the Kuffar must ask themselves, "How do we deal with this potential 'threat'?"

The Kuffar have cleverly devised ways of "curbing" the potential "threat" of the return of the Islamic system of life.  The Kuffar realize that in many of its countries, they have a large population of Muslims, many of them being immigrants from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.  So to deal with this large segment of the population, the Kuffar wanted to somehow make Muslims feel "welcome" in their new country by assimilating them in their society in order to make them think and act like them.  They want these Muslims to view Islam as just another religion.  They want Muslims to see "no contradiction" with Islam and secularism.  They want Muslim "leaders" to pass edicts "allowing" the participation of Muslims in their political system so that the Muslims won't be busy calling for Muslims to call for Islam's own political system.  They want Muslims to see their participation in their kufr systems as somewhat compatible with Islam, even to the point of trying to make participating in their system an "obligation."  Commands in the Quran such as "enjoining good and forbidding wrong" are often used to try to justify voting for a politician who some Muslims believe will "enjoin good and forbid wrong."

The Kuffar have been open to a certain extent in their intentions and plans in trying to Muslims assimilated and integrated in their societies.  Many books and articles have been written on the issue of how to find the best way to assimilate Muslim thus "preventing a potential threat of an Islamic ideological movement in their own countries trying to usurp its system with that of Islam."  One of the best books on this issue is A Sense of Siege: The Geopolitics of Islam and the West by Ian O. Lesser and Graham E. Fuller (Westview Press/A Rand Study, 1995).  In it, it makes several striking revelations:

The American Moslem Council in Washington has a major mission to "to get American Moslems in the political system and organize them into a powerful lobby capable of gaining Moslem rights under the American Constitution."  A group of Islamic scholars is working in Los Angeles "minority jurisprudence," "an interpretation of Islamic texts that will allow Moslems to make some religious concession to meet American culture halfway." [pg. 93]

It will be nearly impossible for Islam to play the formal institutional role in daily life in a non-Muslim setting.  Indeed, Islam in the West is also likely to become more "secularized," that is, set apart from the government and social institutions, and to evolve increasingly into the expression of personal faith and conduct rather than a set of laws for society.  In short, the presence of Islam in the West may hasten its move toward a process similar to the Christian Reformation. [pg. 88]

In short, major adjustments may be underway in the character of Muslim societies abroad.  These developments may have considerable impact on the evolution of Islamic religious and political thinking in the Middle East as a result, for the same question raised there, even in the Muslim cultural context.  Just what are implications of secular governments in the Middle East?... The West has now become one of the primary laboratories for rapid, virtually "forced" Islamic evolution. [pg. 93]

Over the long run, however, assimilation into American society seems relatively straightforward and within the general context of the American assimilation of immigrants-a process perhaps less smooth in the European context and experience. [pg. 95]

In blunt terms, Islam in the West faces two basic alternative: Euro-Islam or ghetto-Islam.  Euro-Islam implies the choice of full Muslim integration into European society (to the extent Europeans socially permit it) while preserving Islam as a matter of personal faith and cultural preference.  The alternative, ghetto-Islam is to seek to recreate Islamic society, even with its religiously imposed social prescriptions, within the European society on the basis of separatism. [pg. 90]

In sum, Islam as a faith is not a problem.  The battle is over the uses of Islam.  The challenge is to develop tactics by which extremist or fringe religious elements can legally be politically sidelined without  violence or repression. [pg. 106]

In several articles the techniques and methods of dealing with the Muslims are discussed.  In an article in the Baltimore Sun (7/7/92), "Time to Paint U.S.-Islamic Relations on a Brand New Canvas" offers some of the following strategies in dealing with the Muslims:
"Stop talking about the 'world of Islam' as if it were a monolithic whole; instead use 'Muslim countries."

"Emphasize the common elements and values that unite Islam and Christianity and avoid divisive factors."

Now in countries like France already are trying to pioneer a type of "French Islam" where "Islam" is compatible to the French way of life.  In an article in the L.A. Times (1/8/92) and the New York Times (1/24/92), it discussed about plans to build a school for Muslims in Europe:
"Despite its modest start, the institute's sponsors, including wealthy contributors from Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf oil states, hope that eventually the school will have 200 elite students and serve as one of the main centers of learning for Europe's 25 million Muslims, including those living in such countries as Albania, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia..."

The proposed solution is to create a European form of Islam that can coexist comfortably with the Western societies shaped by Christian traditions...

'With the complexity of life today,' said Zuhair Mahmoud, 39, the institute director, 'we need a place to teach and explain Islam in a European context... What we need is a modern and moderate Islam... For example, the punishments mentioned in the Quran are not relevant.  We can accept secularity, monogamy...

We admire the civil traditions of Europe-its great principle of democracy, freedom, and reason... We will give Islam as interpretation that is most adaptive to European society.  We feel that our Jewish friends once faced the same intolerance we face today... Islam will be accepted as Judaism..."
Three years later in the New York Times (October 29, 1995) it reported on the situation of the Muslims in France:
Despite rightists demands that the immigrants be sent home, the government knows that they are here to stay.  But it also believes that if France is not to feel permanently threatened by imported Islamic extremism, a French version of Islam must take root.  And it is looking to the new mosque here to help that happen.

"We now realize that Islam in France is a French reality and not just a foreign issue or an extension of foreign problems," France's Interior Minister, Charles Pasqua, said at the Mosque's inauguration.  "So it is not enough to have an Islam in France.  There should be a French Islam."

By that, he said, he meant an Islam that respected France's republican principles, that recognized the rights of men and women, that did not view France as a "space to conquer..."

Already the government is promoting formation of French born Imams to replace those brought from abroad, and it wants Muslims to form a national organization with the French state can deal.

The response from the mosque's elders was one Mr. Pasqua wanted.

"This mosque will be permanent proof that Islam is a religion that can be practiced in strict adherence to french law" said Rabah Kheliff, a French citizen who heads the Islamic-French Cultural Association of Lyons, which runs the mosque.

The Mosque's grand Mufti, AbdelHamid Chirane, an Algerian born scholar who has spent the past 30 years in France, said he stood "midway between two cultures-the marvels of the Koran and the culture of Descartes."  "I think this is the beginning of a French Islam," Mr. Chirane said.

As we have seen, attempts by the Kuffar to make Muslims assimilate into their way of life and thinking is happening everywhere in the world.  From the attempts to make Muslims "mainstream law-abiding citizens" to creating and promoting Westernized, diluted and twisted versions of "Islam" that is compatible with the kufr beliefs and systems, the enemies of Islam are attacking Islam not on a "my religion is better than your religion" level, but on an ideological level that appears far more innocent than sinister.  But their attempts in creating a twisted version of "Islam" to making Muslims view their deen as just a religion that can accept the rule of kufr over them is very sinister indeed and is intended to make the return of the implementation of Islam something that will never happen.  And as we all know the enemies of Islam do not want to see the Laws of Allah ruling the earth.

We Muslims must be fully aware of the plots of the Kuffar against the Muslims.  We cannot accept the status quo of kufr being dominant today.  The Ummah is in sin by not implementing the Laws of Allah.  We cannot abandon the blessed, perfect, just system of Islam for the corrupt, evil, treacherous system of kufr that has the Muslims and the rest of the world in a big mess.  We cannot be slaves of the West nor can the Kuffar be our masters.  We cannot accept their systems and beliefs in which Allah did not reveal but something that Allah has cursed.  We must return to obeying our Creator fulfilling our duty to Him and lifting the humiliation that Allah put on us for disobeying Him.

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